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Muzzles To Nuzzles

Muzzles To Nuzzles is a small dog training and adoption assistance company located in
Central New Jersey. Muzzles To Nuzzles makes it our goal to help show you, the owner, how to properly care for, socialize and train your dog in a non-violent highly effective manner. We will provide you, the owner, with the skills and knowledge to continue the training so you can raise
a well-balanced animal and companion.

Muzzles To Nuzzles was founded by Austin Clyburn, when he realized his beloved pit bull "Jada" started to change for the worse one day.  Jada at the age of 3 started to turn on other pack members. Not having the proper skills at the time for this breed and not being able to read the signs of aggression things got out of hand.  Jada attacked several times causing expensive vet bills and pain to another pack member and Austin.  Jada was NOT put to sleep as I believe every dog can change, so I placed Jada is a single dog family home and she is striving and doing wonderful. Sad to say Jada is still not dog friendly but she loves her people.
So after extensive research and personal training, and working with many different breeds Austin decided to get into dog training and share his knowledge to help prevent situations such as his.

Austin rescued a pit bull named Peyton from a kill shelter in New Jersey in late 2008.  When Peyton was rescued from the shelter she was obviously neglected for some time.  Peyton was very timid, nervous, under-weight and unsure of herself and her surroundings. But after years of working with Peyton, we are proud to say she is a proud and happy member of a pack of 5 members, with a revolving door of foster dogs.

Austin in late 2010 rescued another pit bull named Maximus from Manhattan NY a high kill-shelter.  Due to socail media and some great volunteers Maximus was brought to Austin's attention. Maximus was scheduled to be euthanized for kennel cough two hours after Austin arrived at the shelter, and after a quick meet and greet Austin knew Maximus would be a great fit for his pack and family.  Maximus was adopted, and quickly brought to the vet and medicated.  Maximus is now a happy member of the household and is currently undergoing training for his Therapy Certification and hopefully will be ready by 2012 to take his test.  In the mean time Maximus attends events with Austin throughout the tri-state area educating people on the pit bull breed and their true colors.  Austin also fosters, socializes, and rehomes pitbull puppies when they enter a local shelter in his area.   Austin and Maximus are trying to teach people that pit bulls get bad raps because of  bad owners and uneducated handlers. 

Austin Clyburn works tirelessly trying to educate people and rescue dogs from kill shelters all over the tri-state area.  He is highly trained and effective in dog training,   Austin Clyburn is a Certified Animal Control Officer, and Animal Cruelty Invesigator within the state of NJ.

Maximus with Avery at 6Mo. Old.
July 2013